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Research and Teaching Output of the MIT Community

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Author: Xu, Shuoyu; Wang, Yan; Tai, Dean C.S.; Wang, Shi; Cheng, Chee Leong; Peng, Qiwen; Yan, Jie; Chen, Yongpeng; Sun, Jian; Liang, Xieer; Zhu, Youfu; Rajapakse, Jagath C.; Welsch, Roy E.; So, Peter T.C.; Wee, Aileen; Hou, Jinlin; Yu, Hanry
Citable URI: Monogram cuff Metallic Saint Laurent 1YrfeXQK
Department: Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Department of Biological Engineering; Sloan School of Management; Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Department of Mechanical Engineering
Publisher: Elsevier
Date Issued: 2014-02
Background Aims: There is increasing need for accurate assessment of liver fibrosis/cirrhosis. We aimed to develop qFibrosis, a fully-automated assessment method combining quantification of histopathological architectural features, to address unmet needs in core biopsy evaluation of fibrosis in chronic hepatitis B (CHB) patients. Methods: qFibrosis was established as a combined index based on 87 parameters of architectural features. Images acquired from 25 Thioacetamide-treated rat samples and 162 CHB core biopsies were used to train and test qFibrosis and to demonstrate its reproducibility. qFibrosis scoring was analyzed employing Metavir and Ishak fibrosis staging as standard references, and collagen proportionate area (CPA) measurement for comparison. Results: qFibrosis faithfully and reliably recapitulates Metavir fibrosis scores, as it can identify differences between all stages in both animal samples (p <0.001) and human biopsies (p <0.05). It is robust to sampling size, allowing for discrimination of different stages in samples of different sizes (area under the curve (AUC): 0.93–0.99 for animal samples: 1–16 mm[superscript 2]; AUC: 0.84–0.97 for biopsies: 10–44 mm in length). qFibrosis can significantly predict staging underestimation in suboptimal biopsies (<15 mm) and under- and over-scoring by different pathologists (p <0.001). qFibrosis can also differentiate between Ishak stages 5 and 6 (AUC: 0.73, p = 0.008), suggesting the possibility of monitoring intra-stage cirrhosis changes. Best of all, qFibrosis demonstrates superior performance to CPA on all counts. Conclusions: qFibrosis can improve fibrosis scoring accuracy and throughput, thus allowing for reproducible and reliable analysis of efficacies of anti-fibrotic therapies in clinical research and practice.
URI: Mens 20703697 Trainers Blend 3Vuv7jCZih
ISSN: 01688278
Citation: Xu, Shuoyu, Yan Wang, Dean C.S. Tai, Shi Wang, Chee Leong Cheng, Qiwen Peng, Jie Yan, et al. “qFibrosis: A Fully-Quantitative Innovative Method Incorporating Histological Features to Facilitate Accurate Fibrosis Scoring in Animal Model and Chronic Hepatitis B Patients.” Journal of Hepatology (February 2014). © 2014 European Association for the Study of the Liver
Version: Final published version
Terms of Use: Article is made available in accordance with the publisher's policy and may be subject to US copyright law. Please refer to the publisher's site for terms of use.
Published As: http://dx.doi.org/10.1016/j.jhep.2014.02.015
Journal: Journal of Hepatology

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A world of conversation starters.

You are here: / Interesting questions to ask a girl
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It doesn’t matter whether you are talking to a girl or a guy, coming up with interesting conversation questions can be a challenge. That’s why I’ve compiled this list of interesting conversation questions to ask a girl.

They’re interesting questions to ask a girl but you can also ask guys the same questions. Most of the questions are gender neutral and will work for anyone. In fact you can check out our Short Pendant Belonging by VIDA VIDA dcQ4ExaGuP
if you want more interesting questions. So really you’ve got a lotinteresting questions to choose from!

Have a look through the questions and I’m sure you’ll find at least a couple that you’ll want to ask! So have a look at ourinteresting questions to ask a girl.

What is something that most people learn only after it’s too late?

If you could change 3 things about your country, what would you change?

What was one of the best days of your life?

If you could trade 1 year of your life for $30,000, how many years would you trade in?

Would you rather have a very long (120 years) comfortable but boring life, or live half as long but have an exciting life packed with adventure?

Who is the most impressive famous person alive today? Why?

What skill or craft would you like to master?

What is something that everyone should everyone be trained to be able to do?

How do you feel about cars becoming fully autonomous and having no steering wheel, breaks, or accelerators?

Besides food/water, medicine, or money what would be the most helpful thing to air drop to refugees of a war torn country?

If you didn’t have to worry about money, what would you do all day?

If you could slow down time, what would you do with that power?

Would you rather go to a club, house party, or a small get together of 4 or 5 friends?

What NewHaven Womens Mocassins Ara wcOPepM
do you wish you knew more about?

What fact amazes you every time you think of it?

What common misconception do you hate to hear repeated as fact?

What is the best way the 1% could spend their money? (Besides just giving it to people.)

What is the best and worst state in the USA? For non US readers, what is the best and worst province / region / county in your country?

You have $1,000,000 to make a viral video. What video do you make?

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